Times are Tough

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How are things going for your business? Are times tough? With rising interest rates, ongoing uncertainty around the world, and new governments finding their footing, it’s leaving an air of uncertainty. Uncertainty can create anxiety, causing us to doubt our progress. What can you do to get through tough times?

The first is mindset. When looking at situations, focus not only on the negatives, but also the positives. What are the learnings, and what are the silver linings that apply?

Focus your energy and efforts on what you can control, and some on what you can influence, but don’t waste your energy on things that you cannot change.

Next is changing the way you look at your competitors. Although it’s useful to compare to others at times, do not fixate on this. One of my clients was doubting herself, because of her perception of how others were doing. Checking, we found they’re not registered for GST. She was easily earning a lot more than them. This helped her realise they’re not people she needed to compare herself to, at least with money.

Is the tough time just you, your entire industry, or is the country or world in a rut? Use tools like Google Trends to work out which is the case. It’s a good exercise to complete before stressing out!

Finally, use tough times to reassess where you’re at and where you’re going. Do you need to change direction, or is it time to stay the course and double down on where you are heading?