Three Treats for this Winter

This is no ordinary winter. This is a Covid-19 era winter. Make this memorable for some good reasons other than the gloom and doom. Let this be the year in which you chose the most comfortable Rise Recliner. Something that matches your unique taste, functionality and design. Something that will make you feel good. Beat this winter in the comfort of your home relaxing in your favorite chair. You can use the USB charger on the recliner to power up your iPad, laptop or your smart phone.

Winter is a time when sufferers of arthritis is confronted with the greatest of challenges. Every simple task looks daunting. Equip yourself with creative yet inexpensive solutions like Arthritis Gloves, Jar opener, pick-up-reacher or just a bio-freeze! Return On Investment in these is much more than your financial planner can ever explain.

If you are going to spend longer time on your bed, please ensure that you have a good mattress. Did you know that mattress have life too? When was the last time you changed your mattress? An electric bed will not only elevate your sleeping quality, but it will enhance the way you get out of bed every morning. Without having to think about the aches and pain that stops us from doing the things we love most. If you do not warm up to the idea of an electric bed, how about an electric mattress?

We are getting familiar with a new way of life: social distancing, excellent hand hygiene, and fewer cases of flu. As a nation and as a race, we will overcome this with a vaccine or until that happens with our new way of life. Treat yourself this winter for being so brave in the face of this unseen enemy. For this and other useful information head to or visit their spacious new showroom.

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