Over the last few months many of us will be getting used to registering our details at our local coffee shops and restaurants. This is a NSW government requirement and significant penalties can apply. If you care for your local business take the time to checkin as they do get checked.

Many businesses use the simple method of a QR Code which is a contactless method of collecting customer details for contact tracing. The data is not held by the establishment that you are visiting but by a third party. When you sign in look for the Privacy Statement for information about what happens to the information you enter. The data may be provided to government authorised bodies for COVID-19 case contact tracing if required.

So, how do you scan the QR Code. Simply open the camera app on your phone and point it at the code. DON’T take a picture. As soon as your camera picks up on the code your chosen internet browser will open on your device with the necessary page for you to complete and “CHECK-IN”. You may also, be given the option to check-out as well as add any dependents with you. If you find the QR Code doesn’t work, check that the option is turned on in camera settings.

There are over 2 million Apps available. These are just a few that I have found throughout the years of helping people with their Apple devices and computers.

If you are struggling to understand your Apple device, please give me a call and we can discuss One on One sessions. Debbie on Mob: 0418296217 or email: [email protected]

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