Warrah Farm

There is no denying that spring has arrived at Warrah Farm! The smell of the jasmine and citrus blossom in the air is thick and very refreshing. Wood duck and lapwing chicks are out and about with their parents, learning to forage for their food and to cross Harris Road safely. The bushland to our west must also be teaming with new life now. In the nursery, there are many new babies too. All the warm season seedlings are growing nicely and are about to go in the ground, marking the start of our peak product period and hopefully an even greater abundance of beautiful fresh summer fruit and veggies than last year. There is a new confidence in the air too with the new farm team having completed a full seasonal cycle on this land.

We are growing zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, sunflowers, eggplants, capsicum, watermelon, pumpkin and chilli. There is also the usual salad mix and cos lettuce, rocket, pak choy, beetroot, radish, carrot, kale and chard. We have plenty of new herbs as well. Along with the usual parsley, coriander and basil, we have mint, rosemary and thyme. We are experimenting with a few new varieties this season as well. We look forward to the coming months, and growing some great food for you all!

The young members of our Warrah community who built our lovely Farm Shop chicken coop are at it again. This time their TAFE Certificate in Work Education program has them building a horticultural therapy spiral garden. Constructing the garden is furthering the delegates’ skills, confidence and hands-on experience with tangible results. How exciting and satisfying to participate in making their own mud bricks, cob walls, rammed earth, applying earth render and even building a cob pizza oven. Zac’s proud face says it all!

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