The Sydney Hills Youth Choir is looking for new members

The Sydney Hills Youth Choir is looking for new members to join its ranks in 2016. The choir offers singers aged 8-18 the chance to perform at local and Sydney events. Last year the choir’s performances included the opening of the Sydney Hills Christmas Sky Show and Australia Day at the Farm 2016.

The Sydney Hills Youth Choir was founded in November 2014 by the then 18-year-old, 2014 Sydney Hills Youth Ambassador, Cassidy-Rae Wilson. Cassidy-Rae started the group after she identified an opportunity to provideperformance opportunities to youth within the Hills community without the expenses often involved in joining a musical group.

“I wanted to give the youth of the community amazing, unforgettable performance opportunities, without the costs,” Cassidy-Rae said.

The Sydney Hills Youth Choir’s motto is “Bringing youth together in a fun, safe environment” a maxim the singer of the anti-bullying anthem “Be Strong” feels passionate about. Cassidy-Rae is committed to ensuring the choir is a place where youth can feel encouraged and just have fun.

“I love the happiness evident on the choristers’ faces when learning a new song, performing on stage in front of hundreds of people, proud to be a part of the Sydney Hills Youth Choir, or even playing games in rehearsals with their new friends,” Cassidy-Rae said.

“To see that it makes young people happy to perform and the wider community happy to listen and enjoy the performances, I couldn’t ask for much more – other than to bring in more choristers!”

Bringing in more choristers is the aim of the Youth Choir’s Placement Day on Tuesday February 16. School students aged between 8 and 18 who have a love of music and want to develop their confidence, performance skills and make new friends are invited to attend the Placement Day at The Hills Shire Council Chambers between 6:30 and 8:30pm.

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