The students and staff at the hillside Public School are very excited with the renovations happening at school. The original wooden school building, which was erected on site in 1926, was badly damaged by white ants over 10 years ago. The building was bricked in over 40 years ago and was being used as the School Office and Staffroom, before the damage was discovered. In 2014 the beautiful mural was painted on the end wall by the talented Susan Parry. Once the renovations are completed the building will be once again used as a classroom. A wonderful new learning space for our students.

Our students benefit from the outside learning spaces we have available at the school.

The Nature Trail area, in the sclerophyll forest, is the location for many class lessons. The Story Book Garden is frequented by the students looking for a quiet space at recess or lunchtime or used by the teachers to read to their classes. The fruit trees in the orchard and the vegetable garden are also vital areas within the school grounds.

Planning is well underway for the development of a Yarning Circle near the school library. Benches are being relocated to the area in front of the library which will be planted out with edible native plants. The wall of the library will have a mural painted on it by the students. The materials, paint and plants have been possible because of the school being awarded a Junior Land Care Grant.

We are using physical fitness and wellbeing programs to assist our students cope with everyday living in the current COVID 19 climate. This term they have been participating in weekly badminton, dance and fitness lessons. The school is also implementing mindfulness lessons through the Smiling Minds program. The wellbeing of all our students, staff and parent community is paramount.

We hope to hold our Kindergarten Orientation sessions in Term 4 for all our new 2021 Kindergarten students. Enrolment forms are available on our school website or by contacting the office on 02 9652 1459. Our OPEN DAY is on Tuesday 17 November where the students will be able to showcase their learning to parents, families and visitors.

Small Schools are Great Schools!

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