Galston High School is proud to announce the newly-elected prefect body for 2021. As the current school captains handover their leadership to focus on the last term of their HSC preparation, the next generation of prefects gets ready to swear their oath of service and commitment to the school.

The 2021 Galston High School prefect team is comprised of Nicola Schniering and George Stepanovich (school captains); Amelie Stuut and Bowen Copeland (school vice captains); Chelsea Johnston and Caleb De Ramirez (senior prefects); Mykaela Hayhurst, Joshua Chapman, Semra Evirgen, Robbie Cullen, Felicity Whiteman and Theodore Marlow (prefects).

“As the newly elected female school captain,” said Nicola, “my ambitions include being an inspiring and proud face of my school and a great role model within local schools and the community. I am excited to listen to and interact with members of the community and our school. I am very grateful to be a part of the prefect team for 2020-2021, and I look forward to collaboratively upholding the values of the school within the community.”

“My goal as the newly appointed male school captain,” said George, “is, along with the prefect team, to not only guide our school through these challenging times but to ensure we continue to move forward as a school. I am excited to see what the future holds for myself, the prefect team and our school as a whole, and I hope we can uphold the standards the previous prefect team has set for us.”

The prefect investiture ceremony in which the new prefects take their oaths was held on Tuesday, 25th of August.

A video of the ceremony will be posted to the school website:

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