The Galston Concerts: You Can Help us Grow!

By Robert Harris
The Galston Concerts are back, their audience enjoying top ‘shows’ in March and May, keen for ‘the next one’ on 24 July and later dates 18 September and 20 November this year.

Planning of future programs suggest a great line-up of leading performers keen to bring their music to the Hills – a post-pandemic revival of live arts and entertainment.

So … the concerts team are inviting you to join that musical future by joining the audience database to hear about pending programs.

An easy phone call to concerts cofounder Robert Harris on 0428 248 348 will allow you to receive either monthly e-bulletin newsletters to your email address and/or a quick text message to your mobile advising ‘next concert’ clues. Always with an option to cancel the reminders.

In 2022 the five-concerts roster offers Sunday afternoon starting times of ‘1.30ish for 2pm’.

1.30ish offers a pre-concert organ prelude featuring the Galston Uniting Forster & Andrews historic organ – usually with prize-winner young organists from the Organ Society of Sydney or the Sydney Conservatorium Rising Stars project.

The main concerts will run 2ish till just after 3 – in present plans without interval or post-concert afternoon teas, until COVID really calms down.

The team hopes that the quite famous afternoon teas will return in 2023 – a great chance for audience and performers to meet, mix and mingle.

29 May will see a ‘plucked strings’ theme, with Sydney Symphony Principal Harp alumna Louise Johnson and flamenco guitarist Paco Lara comparing diaries – the ‘TBC’ result confirmed in your July issue of Galston News.

18 September offers Viola Plus, with winners of Galston’s very own International Viola Competition while 20 November features the NSW Police Big Band with vocalist Belinda Parsons.

Great plans underway for 2023 so please join us now for good times ahead.

Galston Concer