The Flavour of Winter

In winter, my tastebuds gravitate to the rich, comforting flavours that emerge from foods enriched with herbs from the garden. Few can resist a simmering stew enlivened by a few scrubby sprigs of thyme, or, golden pumpkin roasted with the sweet spiciness of fresh bay leaves. Enhance your winter fare today with the magic of those herbs made popular in that song of the sixties, called “Scarborough Fair” and relish the flavours of “… parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme …”


Keep a supply of parsley on hand at all times, so it can be enjoyed growing fresh in the garden! Try adding its leaves and juicy stems, finely-chopped, to sandwiches and egg dishes, or, simply stirred through mashed potatoes and stir-fried veges. Full of vitamin C, iron and minerals, a discreet sprinkle of parsley’s emerald tips will enhance the flavor of most foods and especially other herbs.


Have you tried plump sage leaves, flash-fried in hot olive oil or butter, for about twelve seconds? They make a crunchy snack or salad garnish, and are delicious stirred through pasta. Stir the fragrant, crispy leaves amongst a bowl of warm asparagus spears and enjoy the compliments!


Rosemary is unforgettable when paired with roast lamb and baked vegetables. For an aromatic treat at a barbeque, try using straight stems of rosemary as skewers for cubes of beef, chicken or other meats. Even better, is to bind some stems together into a piney clump, to dip into olive oil, for brushing over a hot grill.


Make a great Scarborough Fair Brush when barbequing! Simply tie together sprigs of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Dip your herbal brush into a bowl of olive oil and baste your meat with it. A simple but delightful brush with flavorsome herbs!

Have a Happy Herbal Winter.

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