Berowra Creek Pollution

The BDCA have been working with key stakeholders such as our local Members of Parliament, Hornsby Shire Council, Sydney Water, EPA and National Parks to improve water quality in Berowra Creek and to inform users of the risk when polluted. The BDCA commissioned an independent report that showed significant pollution issues in Berowra Creek, some of which were coming from the Sewerage treatment plant as well as other sources. This report was validated by other reports including the Council’s own website which shows Berowra Creek probably polluted and recommends no swimming or contact with the water most of the time.

However the sign at Crosslands and other entry points are totally inadequate and in fact may be misleading. People are advised there is only a danger three days after rainfall (what ever that is) when the Council website shows it’s probably polluted most of the time. Crosslands is deemed to have been safe to swim in, 1% of the time in the last year. With ongoing pollution and summer algae blooms this body of water in a National Park needs to be cleaned up. This pollution problem will be further exacerbated by large increases in population due to apartment building in the catchment area.

The effluent treatment plants need to be upgraded and the population needs to be warned of the dangers as well as the ongoing work done by HSC from funding via the environmental levy. The BDCA believe the first step should be to inform the public of the problem and give them contact details to insure their health and safety needs are met. HSC should install warning signs in all entry points of Berowra Creek such as Crosslands and Berowra Waters with an example below:

Health Warning
As the water in Berowra Creek is likely
to be polluted
please check the Hornsby Council Website
or phone 9847 6666
Before any contact with the Water.

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