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A sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a medical emergency that requires immediate medical assistance to save that person’s life. A sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anybody at any time and is indicated by someone who is unconscious and NOT breathing.

Access to a defibrillator/AED in conjunction with providing effective CPR is time-critical to save their life.

The Community Defib Project is a not-for-profit organisation that installs community accessible defibrillators to vulnerable communities with their mission being to save lives.

The project supports many communities of NSW and is proud to be active in Glenorie.

Since our last update, we have had the first community AED installed in Glenorie. It is located outside Alpine Treemovals at 43 Moores Road.

A huge shout out goes to Morrie Matt and the team at Alpine for sponsoring this important first installation.

The next community AED will be located at Glenorie RSL. The Club has committed to relocating its existing AED outside so it becomes available to the community 24/7.

Four other locations have been identified within the community and are currently being assessed for suitability to ensure they meet all the criteria.

As we progress further with the plan and installation, a community training day will be held to provide detailed information on the use of the AEDs. Community Defib

Sponsorship packages are available for $500. Please contact us to find out more. Community Defib

Donate to the project – Every dollar counts to reach the vision of 24/7 accessibility for every resident and visitor to Glenorie and follow the prompts to donate via paypal or contact us to find out more.

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