News from the Friends of Fagan Park

Fagan Park news Not very much to report this month, as with the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, many other community groups have recommenced activities, and guess what – most seem to be on Tuesdays!

Work is proceeding on the Howard “Gem” rotary hoe donated a few months ago. It was actually manufactured in UK, where Cliff Howard established operations in a major way. We have cleaned and painted most of it, and have obtained some necessary replacement parts. Efforts are underway to obtain the correct decals for it, likely to come from UK.

One of our fully restored tractors ran poorly on ANZAC Day, and water has been found in its oil and some corrosion inside the engine. So, our attention has been diverted to finding and fixing this problem, and will lead to us changing oil in all our vehicles since they all get very little use, especially last year. We also experienced problems with our McDonald road roller, and a couple of us are trying to resolve this too.

As a result, not much has happened to our 1918 International truck in the past month. Not that we are not champing at the bit to focus on it, but our priorities rest with our commitment to maintaining all the museum collection.

The photo shows Netherby Homestead at its best, and highlights the garden that we are responsible for upkeep. Fagan Park Fagan Park Fagan Park

If you would like to contact us to offer your services as a volunteer, call Ian 0419 435 475, or Vern 0405 703 413.

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