Taking action on mental health in our community

Galston and District Community Bank® Branch is proudly supporting the Pathways Psychology Institute, a boutique institute offering small personalised counselling classes.

According to the Australian Medical Association: “Mental health and psychiatric care is grossly underfunded when compared to physical health. The extent of mental health conditions in the community is extensive, with almost a majority of adult Australians experiencing a mental health condition in their lifetime. Some of these have significantly worse levels of morbidity, or premature mortality, than the general population. Yet this sector receives less than half the funding of the comparable burden of disease funding. “

Galston and District Community Bank® Branch decided to do something about this. Branch Manager Gary Mangan said:

“We all know what a problem mental health is in Australia, we felt it was time to do our bit for the local community. Yelena Udy has been doing great work at the Pathways Psychology Institute and we are proud to provide two scholarships that will train and enable two local counsellors.”

Pathways Psychology Institute takes students step by step through the journey of self discovery and professional development and has been doing so since 2008. They train students to become effective, compassionate professional counsellors, changing lives using the skills they learn.

Counselling is a rapidly growing industry, the demand for qualified skilled counselling psychotherapists is rising. Pathways Psychology Institute courses remain up-to-date with latest developments in psychological theory, emerging fields of related neurobiological science informing counselling methods with trauma, and advances in scientific research guiding ‘Psychotherapeutic Best Practice’ including self-organising systems.

Andrea Pateman and Lucy Falvey are the two lucky recipients of the Galston and District Community Bank® Branch sponsorships. They will both undertake The Diploma of Counselling CHC51015 training at Pathways Psychology Institute.

Whilst undertaking their training both recipients will assist Yelena and the team of counsellors developing the new community outreach project: Pathways Counselling Clinic, providing 10 hours per week growing this lowcost counselling service within our local community. The Galston-based Pathways Counselling Clinic will be offering both individual counselling and groups to support in a range of age groups and topic areas.