Glenorie Progress Association – Glenorie Public School parking congested and dangerous

You need only attend the vicinity of Glenorie Public School at drop off or pick up time or during an event to see the dangers posed to children and families due to a lack of parking and the width of Old Northern Road. Glenorie Park’s gravel and narrow parking area is always full, cars are parked from the school for up to 100m past the school. In fact, the entirety of Glenorie’s parking capacity is becoming more congested.

The solutions to the parking challenges in Glenorie are simple and cost effective and can be achieved rapidly with a cohesive plan that deals with parking in its entirety within the Glenorie and with the cooperation of local and state governments. Glenorie Progress Association has as part of it’s wider Glenorie Draft Plan, outlined actions that can be taken by RMS, the Hills and Hornsby Shire Councils. These solutions include expanding the council car park at Glenorie Park, as well as providing Glenorie Preschool with additional space, widening Old Northern Road in the narrow and dangerous parts opposite the school, and improving the parking capability on Schwebel Lane.

Obviously if more children were to use the school bus, that would also help, but currently with so many working families and activities, that is not always the most practical option. Parking congestion will only increase as the population increases. Sub-divisions on Halcrow’s Rd, Old Northern Rd are starting to come online and building in the vacant lots on other cluster sub-divisions are starting to finalise. It is likely (in my opinion) that Hornsby’s review of rural lands will result in further development in the area. This will bring further pressure on the parking situation in Glenorie. Further to all of this, an application is with council for a 40 berth preschool at 18 Tecoma Drive. It includes 10 parking spaces, but 4 of those are for staff, leaving 1 disabled and 5 for patrons.

This will surely add more pressure to parking around the school. The GPA is also taking a long view on addressing issues like parking with the consideration of safe and healthy travel to school facilitated by cycleways as part of the overall plan.

The time to act is now, pre-empt and avoid dangerous situations. The GPA looks forward to working with the State Government, the Hills and Hornsby Shire Councils on this matter.

GPA was pleased to welcome the Labor and Liberal candidates for the state electorate of Hawkesbury to the meeting held 14 February at Glenorie RSL. It was a productive time of presenting our draft plan and seeking the support of each candidate if they were to win office. Both candidates, Peter Reynolds and Robyn Preston were complimentary of the evening. Robyn Preston (Liberal) said: “I applaud the initiative taken by GPA to put together a collective vision on future planning and amenities for the area that Hornsby and The Hills Councils can consider”.

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