Sunnyridge Road, Arcadia

Contributed by Sue Harvey
Sunnyridge road certainly lives up to its name with the sun streaming through the ancient pines which line the road. Sunnyridge Road 

There are currently 21 properties on the road but in the early 1900s, the land was owned by the Rivett family who used the land to grow apples and citrus. Road

There is a large dam on the corner of Sunnyridge road and Cobah road where the water was pumped up to a holding tank (which is now No. 12) and sprinklers irrigated the fruit orchards and many turpentine trees which were planted to act as windbreaks.

The land was sold in the ’60s, and the Hewitt family bought 25 acres in 1963. In 1986 the Hewitt’s were allowed to subdivide the land into 5-acre blocks. The Cadman’s also owned land in Sunnyridge. Their house was built from three miners cottages joined together, brought down from the Northern Tablelands. They had ‘Cadmans pick your own apples,’ and a manager who ran it for them. In 1964 town water was put into the road.

The residents in Sunnyridge road now live on acreage blocks. Some residents have lived in the road for 40 years or more, and after speaking to them, never want to leave.

I can understand that as twenty years ago when we moved in it was such a tree change but over the years we have come to love and respect all our wildlife which is abundant. Our neighbours are always there if you need help in any way.

Living here gives you time to smell the roses! One of my greatest pleasures now is to spend time just sitting and watching our amazing birds who seem to live in harmony with us from Lyrebirds, Bower birds, demanding Kookaburras, cuckoo shrikes who tell me they are hereby swooping by and clacking in my ear, and a large family of fairy-wrens who keep the whole family amused.

Having the opportunity to delve into the history of our road opened up contact with one of our longest residents ‘the Pettit’s who in turn delved into the history with ‘the Hewitt’s.’ What a wonderful way to bring neighbours together and to find out all the interesting history of our beautiful street.

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