New DA Submitted for Glenorie Petrol Station


We have been writing about the potential benefits of the Glenorie Petrol Station proposal for Glenorie, for several years.

It is great to see that the owner of the site has re-applied for the service station development and the 11 Industrial Units that accompany it. The proposed service station and the industrial building will be located on the corner of Whites Road at 912-914 Old Northern Road, Glenorie. The application was lodged 22nd April, 2022. The GPA welcomes the benefits of such a development for Glenorie including:

  • The closer proximity of a fuel supply. Glenorie residents will no longer have to drive to Dural or Maraylya etc for a tin of petrol for their mower over a weekend.
  • Greater competition for fuel prices in the district. There is no doubt that our district is being penalised, one only needs to review the NSW Fuel Check App on any given day to see the evidence.
  • The opportunity for a wide range of local businesses and subsequent employment that the industrial units will bring.

We hope that this application can be expedited. You can track the DA for yourself on The Hills Council website using the DA number: 1617/2022/HA


  • The GPA thanks The Hills Shire Council for the recent $600,000 worth of repairs to Cattai Ridge Road. It has been great to see road profilers and road crews working through the nights to seal sections of the road.
  • The GPA notes the state of Halcrow’s Road and that council will be undertaking critical repairs to that road.
  • The Hills Shire Council are implementing $2m Blackspot funding to improve safety along Cattai Ridge Road: 2 spots at Cattai Creek, 4 near Abbott Place; 1 at Hillside RFS and 1 at Smiths Lane.
  • Many residents will be very happy to hear that Transport for NSW expects Galston Gorge to re-open in early June (albeit temporarily).

In 2019 the GPA worked closely with The Hills Shire Council and made submissions to Hornsby Shire Council regarding planning for the Glenorie Village. We urged only contained development that enhanced the village preserving the surrounding rural character of Glenorie, as well as green corridors as part of those developments. The Hornsby Rural Lands Study recommended development up to 400m from the village.

The Hills Shire Council Rural Strategy 2019, took the recommendations of the GPA and the wider Glenorie Community (from an extensive consultation process) and published an explicit map of potential expansion areas of the village (Preliminary investigation area – Glenorie village figure 28 in the strategy document).

Since that time several lots within the area have been sold and bought. The Hills Rural Strategy 2019 and Local Strategic Planning Statement, Hills Future 2036 both consistently state that the plan is to manage and protect the rural-urban interface. At the same time renew and create great places and facilitate housing in the right locations, taking a placebased planning approach that involves the community in defining the future of rural villages, including Glenorie, and review existing zoned rural land including the potential for appropriate expansion of rural villages.

The plans also state: any future growth must be sympathetic to the desired character of these villages, and must be managed sensibly and efficiently.

The GPA is reinvigorating its planning sub-committee to continue providing input to local government on future growth that aligns with their stated plans and represents the views of our community. You can play your part by joining the GPA and getting involved.

Glenorie Petrol Station

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