Soil Health on Your Property

By Chris Noon

Want to know more about why some plants thrive and some die on your property?

Want to know more about the types of soil you have on your property and how healthy they are?

Here are some simple soil assessments with very simple equipment so you can do it yourself.

There is a series of short videos that were made some time back and recently made available to the public.

They are based on demonstrations and workshops conducted by Harry Rose, previously a lecturer at Tocal Agricultural College. They are complemented by a soil health card which can be used to summarise your soil condition.

The basis for the videos is:
• healthy soils result in
• healthy landscapes result in
• healthy pasture and vegetation result in
• healthy native animals and domestic stock
There are videos on:
• soil ground cover and macro life
• soil structure and texture
• water infiltration and soil slaking and dispersion
• soil depth and tightness of soil
• soil pH as different plants like different acidity levels
• indicators in the soil health card and reference books available on grasses and weeds

Here is the link to the videos, made by Greater Sydney Landcare with a Landcare NSW Community Agriculture Grant:

Here is the link to the Soil Health card, as created by Harry Rose: MPC4x7NLQcAgXSpijPpx/view

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