Slow internet and poor mobile reception can be a thing of the past

Living in the area we do, it is easy to accept that there will be compromises. Certain things won’t work as well as they might closer to the city, and connectivity is one of them. Mobile phone reception is poor, and ADSL connections are worse.

However, there are very good ways to get around these issues. Depending on circumstances a carefullyplaced 4G booster may be able to enhance mobile reception to the point where calls stop dropping out, and dead spots are no longer an issue. In fact, there are several very viable 4G alternatives to ADSL broadband now as well, which might help to stop those annoying internet drop-outs and boost our notoriously slow speeds.

An antenna pack on the roof can help pick up and amplify a much stronger signal, making ADSL redundant in certain areas. Once connected, WiFi can be sent to all areas of a property with the help of extenders, cancelling out black spots and poor reception.

So too for point-to-point internet systems, which can share a signal from one area or premises to another – say from a home office to a shed on the other side of the block. Rather than get a separate account, the same signal is relayed from the home router to a second receiver, providing fast, functional WiFi at remote locations.

There are plenty of tricks to overcoming poor connectivity, once you know how. For a free site inspection and quote pls contact Matt @ 0425 302 026.