Salvation Army

Spring is not only with us with flowering garden beds and gum trees in blossom, but seems to be heralding a hot, dry summer. The long-range weather forecasts are far from optimistic for those of us who love a rainy day!

At our Dural and Glenorie stores we are tailoring our merchandise to reflect the warmer days. The shoe shelves are now displaying a wide range of sandals and fashionable strappy shoes, and the clothing racks are crammed with blouses, T-shirts, casual tops, shorts, lightweight pants and peddle pushers, swimwear and summer hats. The same range is echo-ed in the babies’ and children’s wear section, so there is something for everyone.

We carry an extensive range of jewellery: watches, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. And our Collectables Cupboard at the front of the Dural Store houses many treasures from a bygone era.

School holidays commence on Monday 30th Sept and go through until Friday 11th Oct.

Mums and dads: you are welcome to come in, choose a book or two from the hundreds on the shelves, settle yourselves in our comfy Community Corner and read to your children. At 20c per picture book, you can then take a selection home with you! Look out for well known series like Thomas the Tank Engine, Hairy McClary, Beatrix Potter, the Lola series, and hundreds more. Let the older children choose from the young readers’ chapter books at just 50c per copy: we regularly have Enid Blytons, the Treehouse series, Minecraft, Pokémon, Anthony Horowitz, John Marsden: all the great current “must have” authors can be found waiting to be enjoyed again.

Please note that both stores will be closed on the Public Holiday of Monday 7th Oct. We ask you please to save your donations to us for delivery during our opening hours. Items left outside these times are sometimes vandalised, stolen or strewn over the pavement and car park, which is obviously not what you have intended in giving us your pre-loved items.

Management is considering issuing In-store vouchers for the-run up to Christmas. This could be a wonderful idea to give to children so they can choose their own gifts for the family. And what a lovely Win-Win idea! You benefit from our bargain prices, and your money goes towards helping needy people in our community. We will let you know next month if this eventuates.

Our store manager, Juanita, is following her dream of working with school children and their parents. She has led the teams at both stores for 3 years, and we will miss her gentle Christian approach and input.

Our eagerly anticipated Half Price Storewide Day is scheduled for Thursday 31 October.

Come in and browse to your heart’s content. We look forward to seeing you.