Seniors Initiative to Reverse Rising Levels of Inactivity


• Recent study from the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health has indicated 2.5 million over 65s are not meeting the national physical activity standards.

• Active Seniors founder is implementing a free initiative to combat these numbers and get seniors up and moving which is coming to Hornsby on Friday 10th November.

In a recent study published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, rates of activity levels in the over 65 population have decreased by up to 10 per cent over the past two decades. This is alarming given the strong link between chronic disease and levels of inactivity.

The study indicates that up to 2.5 million people in the over 65 age group are not meeting the national standards for physical activity, with activities in this age group dropping by up to 10 per cent in the past two decades.

These numbers don’t come as a surprise to seniors’ health expert, Taylor Harrison, founder of Active Seniors. “Many people over 65 are aware they need to exercise – but are unsure of what to do or are scared of being judged in the traditional gym environment.”

With the bulk of Australia’s medical expenses spent on the senior population, getting more people over the age of 65 active is critical to not only the economy, but their overall quality of life, including their mental wellbeing.

“The key to good health in later years in remaining physically active and engaged in the community. The more people are engaged, the better they fare mentally”

He has partnered with NSW Seniors Card to launch an Active Seniors Initiative, helping every Aussie over 60 to exercise, starting first with those in NSW. They have 60 free workshops for people to attend across NSW, which are designed to give guidance on how to live an active life. The workshop in Hornsby is being held at Hornsby Leisure Centre on Friday 10th November from 11:00- 12:00am.

He has also released a book on Seniors Health, featuring an interview with Ita Buttrose, with all proceeds from the book going to Alzheimer’s research. For more information on the workshops or the book go to

About Taylor

Taylor Harrison is a man on mission to change Australia’s view of health for our senior population. He began this journey after a family friend had a fall and passed away shortly after. Inspired further by his own grandfather, who began exercising at 76 and achieved amazing results, he set up some Australia’s first exercise centres specifically for over 60’s.

Over the past 11 years he has helped over 3000 seniors achieve greater health through exercise and now is taking that goal Australia wide. He has written a book on the topic of staying healthy in retirement, with all profits from the book being donated to Alzheimer’s research. On top of this he is hosting free workshops on the topic, inspiring audiences to make positive changes and enjoy their golden years. Taylor is a health practitioner with multiple degrees, author, speaker and philanthropist as well as being a husband and father of two beautiful children.

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