Glenorie Progress Association Local Speed Limits

Extract of letter to Transport NSW (copied to Dominic Perotett MP and Councils): The Authorities Officer of the Glenorie Progress Association has provided feedback to your department regarding the default speed limit in Whites Road, Glenorie through an Online RMS Feedback Submission. I am writing in support of this submission and draw your attention to the following:

Your department has advised that the default speed limit on Whites Road, classified as a rural road, is 100 km/h. This is not a safe speed limit for these roads. Whites Road (Glenorie) is an access road from Old Northern Road which connects to the intersection of Post Office Road and Boronia Road. Entry from Old Northern Road is 60 km/h. Exit off Whites Road into the intersection of Post Office is 60 km/h. There is only one sign – a 55km/h advisory sign on approach to the right angled bend!!!

Whites Road and other rural roads in Glenorie are not wide roads, the verges are gravelly and unsuitable for pedestrian activity. So, of necessity, pedestrians, dog walkers, bicycle and horse riders need to compete with the cars and trucks travelling at inappropriate speeds on the roads. Most parents will not allow their children to cycle or walk on these roads as it is too dangerous. Whites Road has in the past been signposted 50km/h but these signs were removed for no apparent reason. Whites Road has street lighting so cannot be considered a ‘rural’ road.

Boronia Road is not sign posted for any speed limit and is also by default limited to 100 km/h. Boronia Road is a heavily used access road with heavy vehicles travelling to/from Arborglen Nursery, therefore this road is also not safe, particularly for pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists at dusk and dawn. Similarly Moores Lane and Cairnes Road no longer have speed limit signs. Cairnes Road has 15km/h advisory sign on two right angled bends. Other roads in Glenorie have varying speed limits: 60km/h – Schwebel Lane, 50km/h – Munros Lane plus Post Office Road and Tecoma Drive and adjoining roads. These roads are in exactly the same situation – in fact many are wider and straighter roads.

Note also an increase in resident use with cluster developments being approved in the Glenorie region and beyond. Many close proximity roads within Glenorie need to be forensically reviewed and the inconsistencies addressed. These roads are substandard in asphalt cover, are not wide enough for any vehicle, especially heavy haulage vehicles, to pass each other at speed. I/We propose that these rural roads be signposted at 50km/h or 60km/h as a matter of urgency, for the safety of our residents, particularly children, in the area.

In summary these Glenorie Village and access roads need speed limits to be reviewed urgently: Boronia Road and the adjoining roads, Melton Place; Cairnes Road, Harrisons Lane; Knock Farrell Road; Moores Road, Muscios Lane; Pinus Avenue; Sermelfi Drive, and particularly Whites Road.

Alternatively a sign could be erected at both entrances to Glenorie advising motorists that all roads in Glenorie Village are limited to 50km/h (preferably), or 60km/h, unless otherwise signposted. We look forward to a positive response,

If you agree, go to our website/facebook download a copy and send to Transport NSW and our local MP’s/Council. For any revision of speed limits and safety signs we will need enough letters/ emails to effect a change

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