Scuba Diving

On the 21st of May I went to Frog Dive Sydney in Willoughby on a scuba diving trip with my scouting troop First Dural. Upon arriving we were shown an instructional video teaching us the basics (hand signals, descending etc.) and then we were off. After putting on some well-fitting gear, we made our way into the pool, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn’t cold at all. Our helpful instructor John showed us where all our equipment was located and what it did, and we were soon in the deep end.

Three metres is a lot deeper when you’re descending in full diving gear. Both times I’ve done this my ears haven’t adjusted well, but I’ve still been able to get to the bottom (eventually). Our plan was to present a ‘green cord’ to one of our Scouts underwater, and although we couldn’t hear each other it went better than expected.

Overall the experience was great. Everything is different when you’re underwater as you can ascend and descend at will, and that makes diving a unique experience that everyone should at least try and I am grateful that being a scout gave me the opportunity.