News from the Friends of Fagan Park

It appears I am getting prone to slip-ups! Following the success last year holding it on the October long weekend, we had decided to hold our future Spring Open days on the Sunday of the long weekend, so it will be on October 6th this year. Our website is:, also see us on Facebook.

We recently hosted a large cohort of Year 2 children, teachers and parents from a local school. The children were very inquisitive and asked many questions, and we are sure they had a positive learning experience. Of course old typewriters, telephones etc were the focus of their curiosity in the Homestead where I was on duty.

Work on the 1918 International truck restoration progresses steadily on a number of fronts. We have now delivered the wheels to the wheelwright near Bungendore (see photo), and the rims for re-rubbering to Moss Vale. The wheels will have all new wood in American hickory. Refurbishment of the steering is nearing completion with good prospects of a sound result. A design to enable modern bearings to be used in the rear wheel hubs has also been developed – the original bearings were very badly worn and no longer available. With the gearbox, we had a setback in losing some new bearings, and there were no more available locally. They have now been sourced from the Netherlands, so we will be assembling the gearbox very soon. Another challenge on the horizon are the brakes, with some parts rather badly corroded. Lots of challenges!

The Fagan Park museums and Netherby Homestead are open every Tuesday, our volunteering day, and we open the museums on the second Sunday each month during the afternoon. All visitors are welcome.

We would especially like to encourage people to join our group, and ladies are most welcome. Contact me at the park on a Tuesday or phone anytime. Ian Browning, Honorary Curator, 0419 435 475.