Scandinavian Influence Style Homes

Here at Fyffe Design we are being asked more frequently to design Scandinavian Themed Homes.

Renowned for their simplicity, utility & beauty, Scandinavian Homes centre around warm functionality, clean lines, understated elegance with a focus on flawless craftmanship.

The key design is to maximise light at every turn with large flooring spaces free of clutter and ornamentation. The addition of raked ceilings and floor to wall windows makes any small area feel bright, airy and spacious.

The swedish originally designed their homes to be very Eco Friendly, with high performance glazing, proper insulation for ceilings and walls and underfloor heating. In the harsh Australian climate these styles of homes work amazingly well

The design style generally loves a connection with the outdoors so you will find a balcony or terrace which are made from timber decking and used for entertaining and BBQ’s. Another feature that is complimentary to the Australian lifestyle.

Cluttered spaces are definitely a big no no in a Scandinavian home. Keeping things organized and clutter free is important to give off a visually relaxing environment. To achieve this, storage is the key factor.

So next time you are wandering around Ikea and dreaming about your perfect home to put your Scandinavian furniture in, call Fyffe Design.

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