‘Learning through Scholarship’ at Northholm Grammar

At the heart of every great school is a culture that promotes learning. Cultivating a powerful culture of learning that encourages intellectual rigour, independent thinking and places high value on both academic study and achievement is central to a high performing school. We want our students to be challenged and to develop a love of learning so they can harness intellectual habits that will encourage them to be independent and confident. ‘Learning through Scholarship’ seeks to create an environment where every learner is valued so that each student can reach their full potential in pursing their passions and interests.

We know that education is more than grades. One’s influence on the world, the willingness and ability to learn, to lead, and to serve are what enable a life to be both well-lived and worthwhile. In achieving a culture of scholarship, our staff have embraced a framework on ‘Responsive Teaching’ that highlights the key features of classroom practice that have been linked to improved student outcomes. This includes professional practice that:

  • Is fundamentally based on promoting high expectations of intellectual rigour.
  • Is soundly based on explicit teaching, creating a quality learning environment.
  • Is informed by data through a coherent structure of formative assessment and deliberate practice.
  • Provides effective feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Allows teachers to build strong, positive relationships with students.

Northholm is driven by a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning. A high priority is given to building and maintaining positive and caring relationships between staff, students and parents. There is a strong collegial culture of mutual trust and support among teachers and school leaders. The School strives to maintain a learning environment that is safe, respectful, tolerant, inclusive and that promotes intellectual rigour. This is at the heart of our focus on scholarship.

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