Salvos Family Stores

With the winter months behind us and Christmas on the horizon, the Salvos Family Stores at Dural and Glenorie are busy stocking up for the warmer months and the festive season. Sandals and court shoes are now lining the racks, with a special emphasis on glamorous designer shoes for end of year partying and school formals. We stock handbags, from dainty clutches to more robust over the shoulder leather hold-alls in a range to suit everyone’s needs.

The electrical department will have fans on display, plus party fare items such as chocolate makers, popcorn poppers and slushy blenders.

The bric a brac team has been sorting Christmas decorations and artefacts ready to go on sale. You will be able to find serviettes, China and glassware, toys, wrapping paper, CD’s and lots of other Christmassy items in the big display racks at the front of the Dural store.

Summer dresses, formal gowns, T- shirts and light weight slacks are now appearing in readiness for the warmer days: stock changes daily, so call in often to check out the range.

Have you thought of buying your Christmas gifts from one of our stores? Last year, my grandchildren earned pocket money to spend at our Dural store. They bought every family member a gift and had great fun secretly wrapping and gift-tagging each item to put under the tree. They were very proud of themselves and delighted that the money they had spent went towards helping other families.

Please check our Facebook page for updates on specials.

There will be a storewide Half Price sale at the Dural shop, Quarry Road on Friday 30th of November. Our doors open at 9am. Come early for bargains and great ideas for Christmas.