Salvos By Katy Joscelyne

After a relatively mild Winter, with only one light frost recorded in Glenorie, we have launched into Spring with a profusion of freesias growing wild along the roadside, and gardens bursting with daisies, daffodils, lavender and blossom.

Our Dural store has undergone a big make-over to help us with social distancing requests, and to make you feel more welcome. You will now find our huge range of donated DVDs, previously located in a narrow aisle opposite china and bric a brac, displayed on a rack in the fresh air near our entrance.

You will also be able to browse popular items in a series of white cubes near the cash register. Our focus here until the middle of September will be the 0-5 Age group, with a display of books, toys and clothes chosen specifically for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

We have a number of little- known sections which may interest our shoppers. These may, previously, have gone “ under the radar”, and include:

Music books and tutors: the most popular are books for learning the piano, flute, recorder, guitar and band instruments. Look for these in the narrow white shelf unit under the Pets and Nature books towards the back of the store.

Dictionaries: large, small, children’s, students, crosswords: we receive them all!

LP records: yes! These are now highly collectable, so keep your eye open for them!

Dog bedding: we place usable, but sub-standard blankets and towels in a barrel for you to recycle with your dog or cat. Bargains galore! Cut a large blanket into four and use one quarter at a time wrapped around an old pillow for your pet to snuggle into on cold nights.

On Wednesday 30 September, come and enjoy our STOREWIDE HALF PRICE DAY. YES! Every item you purchase will be marked down by 50% at the register! We look forward to welcoming you at the Dural Salvos Family Store!