Salvation Army

We are asked many questions by our Salvos Family Store customers and visitors.

Do you accept electrical items?
Yes, we do, and every device put out for sale in our shop has been safety tested and tagged by our qualified volunteer, Rob. Our range extends from popcorn poppers right through to refrigerators.

If an electrical item is not working, do you have someone who can fix it for sale?
No, these items have to be taken away at our expense.

Can an incomplete dinner set be sold?
Yes, we will endeavour to group like components, for example, cups and saucers, or dinner plates, in mini sets. Odd left overs also often find a home.

Is there a market for second hand shoes?
As long as the soles are in good repair, straps are unbroken and embellishments in place many people shop regularly with us for baby, toddler, children’s and adults boots, shoes and sandals.

My books are old and well read: can you sell them?
Apart from the Childrens section, our books now range from $1 upwards. Our guide “ is this book worth $1 or more?” will help you decide what to donate and what to recycle at home.

Do you sell underwear?
On health grounds, we only offer new underpants and bras, and preferably still packaged. We do sell swimwear and endeavour to check each item carefully for quality and cleanliness.

What about towels and blankets?
If these items are in good condition, they are offered for sale. Stained or thin items often go to Dog Rescue Organisations and to the AWL for distribution to shelters and other pet-loving members of the community.

Do you accept furniture?
Yes, we do, and it sells well! It is always helpful if you can let us know in advance what you wish to donate so we can budget floor space for these items. A pick up can be arranged by phoning us.

Do you throw out all the clothing that doesn’t sell?
No, our team puts the best out in the shop. Out of season and old fashioned garments are bagged up and delivered to another organisation that sends them overseas to Third World Countries. We try to rehome every garment one way or another to look after the environment and save the burden on landfill. And, of course, to offer you, our customers, good quality clothes at very reasonable prices.

What are some of the more unusual donations that you have received?
Old 78 gramophone needles, a wooden Balinese frog, a taxidermed crocodile, a puzzle jewellery box that no-one could open, bunches of old keys, leather moccasins, a talking cookie jar, stock saddle, wheelchair, wigs, a Victorian button hook, and a human skeleton! And yes! They all went off to new owners! Even the crocodile!!

There is an old saying: As the days get longer, the cold gets stronger. For a warm welcome and a cup of tea or coffee in our Community Corner, come and visit us at our Quarry Road Store in Dural, or on Wednesday to Friday at Glenorie.

Come in out of the cold and enjoy the warmth of the team spirit at the Salvos Family Stores in Dural and Glenorie.

VOLUNTEERS URGENTLY NEEDED to help us help others. Just a few hours per month will make all the difference. Please register your interest by phoning 9651 4504


Both Dural and Glenorie stores
will be discounting everything store-wide by 50%.
From books to boots, radios to records,
toys to teacups, furniture to frisbees: