Salvation Army

JULY is a very significant month for the Salvation Army as members worldwide celebrate the vision and initiative of an English Methodist husband and wife team, William and Catherine Booth.

Recognising the poverty and destitution of many people in the East End of London, this couple held a meeting on 2nd July 1865 to see how they could offer help and Christian guidance to people in need. Within 13 years of its inception, a newspaper drafted an article mentioning the “army of volunteers” who were now involved, and the name SALVATION ARMY was born.

This army of willing helpers soon spread throughout Britain, and in 1881 the first meeting was held here in Australia. Today, the organisation is held in high esteem and loved for its non- judgemental presence in all walks of life across all cultures, races and religions. During both World Wars their presence generated the widely heard saying “ Thank God for the Salvos.” as they offered hope and solace to soldiers and displaced people.

Today, the Salvos in Australia care for 2000 people every night, offering food, lodging and hope to those less fortunate than ourselves.

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