Rural Roundup: Hornsby Councillor Warren Waddell

The Hornsby Shire Council delivery and Operational Plan is currently on exhibition. What does this mean? It presents for comment what Council plans to do over the coming years.

It covers all aspects of Council’s budget and finances and what we hope to achieve in areas like:

  • Our core business of waste, vegetation, drainage etc.
  • Projects and Capital works
  • Local roads and paving improvements
  • Fees and charges

Basically, anything that Council is involved in is on exhibition for comment. We would love to hear from the community to make sure we have our priorities right and that important items have not been missed. The details are accessible at any of our libraries or online using the “Have your Say” link on the Council website –

In addition, work has begun on our regional Tourism strategy. I would encourage anyone participating in a tourist, destination, or appropriate recreational activity to reach out. This will form part of our long-term Economic Development plan.

April was the month that we celebrated youth week, (11th – 21st). It is important that we seek the involvement of youth in our community when developing ideas. Often their perspective will be different to older members of the community and to that of the Council administration. Council ran a series of activities to encourage youth participation.

Of course, April is also a time of reflection as we all come together in one place or another to share in our remembrance of those that served in our military campaigns and lost their lives defending our way of life. I was privileged to attend ANZAC services in Galston, Glenorie and Berowra.

As always, happy to assist with any issue via the contact details below. [email protected] Ph: 04 9900 4861