Rural Round Up

By Councilor Warren Waddell

Since the publication of the last Rural Round Up I have been overwhelmed by the positive and constructive suggestions that members of the community have put forward. Important footpath links, bus stop accessibility, public toilets and many other issues have been raised.

During February councillors met with management in order to set out our priorities for the year. Therefore, it has been an enormous help to highlight the sentiments of the community directly to those responsible for delivering Council’s services.

I would love to see this trend continue. We have plans being considered that will determine much of the following:

– Employment prospects throughout the district;

– What services have been lost and what we need to do to meet the expectations of our community;

– How to deliver the best value to our own ratepayers while attracting an increase in visitation to our regional facilities and attractions;

– How best to generate revenue from recreational facility users coming from outside the shire;

– How to maximise the use of Council assets, by increasing the use of our community halls and activity centres.

I welcome discussion on these or any other issues at any time. Contact me via email at [email protected] or phone on 0499 004 861.

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