Rural community-Rural Round Up

By Councilor Warren Waddell

Although this term of Council has been rewarding, there is still a great deal to be done. Much of the work completed to date has been only in the planning and consultation stage.

It is my hope that if returned at the next 4th December election, I can follow through on more services and facilities for the rural community.

• Oversee the completion of staged improvements to the Wisemans Ferry visitor and community facility precinct.

• Ensure that essential services involving verge clearing, drainage, road maintenance and bush regeneration are scheduled and preventative in nature.

Galston Village Public Domain improvement scheme is activated ensuring better parking, traffic management, landscaping, furniture, curbing and overall public amenity delivered.

• Ensure the implementation of the play plan to ensure upgrades are carried out to our parks and playgrounds and where necessary, assets recycled to gain even better facilities.

• Oversee the upgrade to the Galston Aquatic Centre and the completion of the surrounding outdoor activity equipment.

• Advocate for balanced planning reform that ensures the survival and sustainability of our lifestyle and economy while still maintaining the rural amenity we all enjoy.

• Support and enhance the opportunities for our small businesses through reduced bureaucracy and contemporary planning initiatives.

• Ensure a balanced approach to environmental management that will both protect our community and maintain established bushland.

• Promote more outdoor recreation through the establishment of more shared paths and outdoor gym equipment. In particular, a completed link between Galston and Dural.

• Activate the establishment of a new library and community hub to service the entire rural community.

• Act as a conduit for all issues concerning residents of the rural and river communities to ensure they have a voice in the Council.

I am happy to be contacted on Phone 0499 004 861 r o email [email protected]