Blokes and Bubs

By Daniel Pelzer
I spoke to the RSL Glenorie and they are happy to host us, so the first meet up will be on Saturday, 11/June/2022 @ 1130 am, running every Saturday thereafter at the same time, so feel free to drop in now and then as you will, no pressure to attend every week.

We have the indoor and outdoor options, play structures for the older kiddos so we are all sweet there. My vision for this thing was to bring new fathers together in the community, and more experienced dads, having a chat, helping each other out, and ultimately really benefiting us all, mental health is important.

Lets be honest it’s been a rough couple years on everyone, be nice to reconnect. Really, its just a good time out with the kids, and some good company. I am 38, originally Canadian and have a young 7 month old son, found the online groups frustrating, I kinda found myself wondering what to do. I see a lot of blokes around in the area with kids and thought why not just start something.

Some of you might know me from the community, been working in one of the local shops last 4 months. I was a tradie, hold a degree in History, travelled a few places, always up for a good chat on just about anything. Could be a sweet little Saturday.

We can save the rest for a beer and good meal. Hope to see you all there.

RSL Glenorie