Rose Garden Upgrade Works

By Dr Peter Gangemi - Mayor of The Hills Shire Council
In 2022, The Hills Shire Council celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Alfred Henry Whaling Memorial Reserve Rose Garden. Upgrade works have commenced to rejuvenate the gardens and return them to their former glory.

Upgrade works are focused on rejuvenating the gardens and improving accessibility to ensure they can be presented and enjoyed in their best condition for many more years. Some of the works include:

• Replacement of arbor structure and surrounds (completed)
• Coloured concrete paths installed on the main routes and coloured bitumen installed on the minor paths
• Central stairway upgraded to the required standard featuring sandstone paving and handrail
• Steel edging around all raised garden beds providing a long lasting defined edge
• Grassed picnic area and associated reconfiguration of garden beds near Mileham Avenue
• New storeroom adjoining existing amenities building
• Upgraded irrigation system
Current works include site establishment, services searches, timber edge demolition and rose transplantation. The Rose Garden Upgrade project is scheduled to be completed in August, weather and other conditions permitting.