Can You Help protect our ambassadors?

Police are appealing for anyone who saw the red Holden Colorado ute and boat connected with the murder of 9 year old Charlise Mutten to come forward, in order to fill in gaps in the timeline of the suspect’s movements. ambassadors

This may include eyewitness accounts, CCTV footage, mobile phone footage or dashcam footage of the vehicle and boat, or any other unusual or suspicious activity in the current known locations or any other location.

The locations which are currently known are:-

13 January
5.53pm at BP on Richmond Road at Marsden Park
7:19pm on Victoria Road at Drummoyne
7:20 on Bayswater Road at Drummoyne
7:20pm to 9:50pm at the Five Dock boat ramp at Drummoyne
14 January
1:30am to 1:40am Windsor Boat ramp
2:25am to 2:30am at the Colo River jetty under the Putty Road bridge
2:37am to 2:46am at Lower Colo Road
Sadly last week CCTV footage from CAWB’s cameras, which are attached to a house on Bridge St, Windsor, was collected by detectives and is now logged as evidence in their investigation.
If we saw something, maybe you did too.
Note: Our CCTV cameras were set up to help protect our ambassadors during our occupation of Thompson Square. The system is still registered with the police and continues to provide footage as part of various investigations.
Images courtesy of NSW Police. We obviously will not be releasing our footage without consent from the police.