Rise and Shine!

We get asked a lot of questions on various topics related to our equipment. During the past couple of months, most common questions were about challenges in getting out of a bed or a chair.

Cold weather presents us an opportunity to rest longer. It also throws a challenge to most people when they want to get out of bed in the morning. It seems as though our body does not follow our instructions. While we can continue to blame our body, its aches and pains or its age, there is definitely something we can do to improve the situation.

Getting in touch with your GP or the Occupational Therapist will provide some essential solutions. One simple strategy is to review the height of your bed and the height of your chair. A minor increase in their height can make a major difference in your ability to get out of a bed or a chair. A rise recliner will provide added comfort as well as convenience.

Another simple solution is to use a bed rail or a bed pole to assist you get out of the bed. If that is not enough for you, I suggest that you invest in an electric bed and a good mattress.

If you have been procrastinating on those decisions, you are missing out on the indisputable benefits of a good night’s rest. Most of the good quality electric beds will make it easy to get out of bed by doing a combination of things: bending the back, lowering the knee bend, getting the bed height adjusted to the optimum and sometimes using the Trendelenburg tilt function.

The mattress will play a vital part. A very soft, plush mattress will add more challenge to a person with above average body weight.

Independence comes with our ability to conduct our daily chores with least dependence on others. Make sure that you rise and shine with ease and grace using a bed rail or an electric home care bed.

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