Preparing Your Property’s Exterior for a Spring Sale

The spring selling season is here, traditionally the busiest season of the year for real estate transactions. And happily this spring – for the first time in a few years, our property markets are not being impacted by any pandemic-related lockdowns or restrictions, making everything much easier for buyers and sellers alike.

The way your property appears from the outside is just as important as its interior appearance, so here’s everything you need to know to ensure your home’s exterior helps it stand out from the competition this spring.

Curate your curb appeal – When it comes to buying property, for many people their first impressions of a home count for a lot. Many potential buyers will ‘drive by’ properties on their shortlist ahead of the inspection to see how they look from the outside, so maximising your home’s ‘curb appeal’ is essential to help it appeal to as many buyers as possible. To make your property appear at its best and show you care about the entire home spend time making sure the exterior is as clean as possible—washing down paintwork, dusting off cobwebs and polishing window panes. Get stuck into the garden – After all the rain some parts of the country have had so far this year, you may be looking at a more overgrown garden than usual this spring, along with mouldy pavers in some of its more shaded areas.

De-green your gutters – It’s wonderful living surrounded by greenery in the form of trees, apart from when it comes to their leaves piling up in your home’s gutters and drains. Rooflines overflowing with tree debris give the impression that the home isn’t cared for and scream high maintenance, which can be an instant red flag for buyers.

Prepare the pool – Clean and well-maintained exterior areas indicate a loved and lookedafter property, and this is particularly true when it comes to swimming pools. Remember to check which laws apply in your state when selling a property with a pool. Generally you will need to register your pool and have it inspected for compliance, with the compliance (or non-compliance) certificate included in the contract for sale.

Finally… the best way to prepare for a sale in spring, or any other time of the year, is using a seasoned real estate agent. Belle Property’s Carolyn Wheatley can advise how best to prepare your property, recommend the most effective marketing strategies for your home, as well as being able to connect you with a large network of potential buyers.

Call her today on 0407 120 483 or email her at carolyn.[email protected] to enquire on how best to prepare your home.