Return with Caution

Return with Caution – Parts of Lower Portland – Advice Issued: 11th March 2022 10am The NSW SES you may now return safely to the following area(s): All properties on following streets in Lower Portland along the Hawkesbury River:
  • Wheelbarrow Road 
  • Greens Road
  • Hawkesbury Riverside Retreat
  • King Road
  • River Road (between Cliftonville Road down to Cumberland Reach)

Flood levels have dropped but you should take care when returning to the area as flood damage can be widespread and utilities may not be in service.

What you need to do:
• Drive slowly, plan your route carefully to avoid any flooded roads and allow extra travel time. Damage to roads and buildings caused by flooding may still exist in your area

• Remain vigilant as there could still be water in low lying areas.

• Take care as local roads could still have water over them.

If your property has been affected by floodwater:
• Make sure your property is safe before entering. Check for damage to windows, walls and the roof and be careful of potential dangers including asbestos

• Make sure the electricity and gas is turned off before going inside. Use a torch to carry out inspections inside buildings

• If power points, electrical equipment, appliances or electrical hot water systems have been exposed to floodwater or are water damaged in any way, they must be inspected by a qualified electrician before use

• Gas appliances and gas bottles that have been exposed to floodwater should be inspected for safety before use

• Wear suitable protective clothing, including boots and gloves when cleaning up

• Be aware of any slip, trip or fall hazards

• Never eat food which has been in contact with floodwater

• Only use clean utensils and personal items • Have a supply of fresh drinking water

If you require the delivery of essential supplies due to being isolated or assistance with clean out, please call 13 77 88 and log your request for assistance.

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