Report Potholes to Council

Dr Peter Gangemi - Mayor of The Hills Shire Council
MayorWith significant rain forecast again for the next few days, an increasing number of potholes may appear on roads in The Hills.

In fact, Sydney’s year-to-date rainfall is at 1223.8mm which is more than the annual average of 1213.4mm, and we’re only 97 days into 2022.

If you see a pothole, please report them as soon as you can to Council through the ‘Report it to Council” page

Reporting potholes to Council quickly enable the issue to be attended to as fast as possible. Council also strongly prefers issues to be sent through via the ‘Report it to Council’ page rather than 3rd party apps such as ‘snap send solve’ which do not always send Council all the required information and can have delays reaching Council.

Report It To Council Potholes