Regional Strategic Weed Management Plans Launched


Eleven regional strategic weed management plans were launched to safeguard the state against the threat of weeds.

The plans were developed using a tenure neutral approach to weed management by 11 Regional Weed Committees to support implementation of the weeds components of the Biosecurity Act 2015. The Regional Weed Committees comprised government agencies, local control authorities, public and private landholders and community members. This process drew on the experience and knowledge of people involved with existing local control authorities. Strategic and coordinated regional weed management is critical to building the sustainability of the primary industries, natural environments and local communities throughout the state. The plans contain established strategies and actions to achieve goals that focus on shared responsibility for weed management, sustainable landscapes and collaborative leadership and innovation.

The Biosecurity Act 2015 adopts the concept of a general biosecurity duty, which means that anyone who is aware of a potential risk should take all reasonable and practical measures to minimise or eliminate that risk. For the first time in NSW, there are a set of agreed priorities and actions which apply across both public and private land.

Increased collaboration in the management of weeds will improve biosecurity outcomes and increase agricultural productivity.

To find out more about weed management in NSW and download a copy of your regional plan visit: