Do we really want a concrete batching plant in the middle of Glenorie Village? It’s time to consider this proposal before it’s too late.

I have seen the community consultation letters from Boral to the residents of Glenorie via the GPA. Boral are to be commended on their approach. I thought little of the impact on our community till recently I was riding past the Boral concrete batching plant at Mount Kuring-gai and I was struck by the impact that such a facility would have on Glenorie. It will totally change the view and perception of Glenorie. It would decrease land values and the aesthetic ambience, even the “feel” of Glenorie. I would encourage anyone driving on the Pacific Hwy through Mount Kuring-gai to look up at the towering Silos. You will see just how enormous and un-avoidable the visual impact is. The Silos proposed for Glenorie are 21m high. The ground level may be lower on that site, than that of Old Northern road, but not that much, and it doesn’t matter what colour you paint them, they will dominate the skyline. There are other considerations such as the increased truck traffic, turning in and out of Schwebel Lane where children are crossing. It doesn’t matter how careful the majority of drivers are, it just takes one driver, not concentrating, under time pressure to cause an accident. The corner in question has a lot of parents and children crossing at drop off and pick up times.

The more I considered what I saw in reality at Mount Kuringgai, these towering silos and super imposed that image across the village of Glenorie, the more I am convinced that this DA should not proceed. The location of the current plant is a hangover from an era of no planning. The village has grown and a concrete plant simply does not belong directly next to amenities like the RSL and the School. Glenorie deserves a master plan, and the community, council and Boral should negotiate another, more appropriate location for the plant. I can fully appreciate how hard it is for Boral to find sites where there is no resident opposition, however I would suggest that Dural industrial area would be a good place to start. If The Hills Shire Council can work a deal that re-zones the land high density residential or retail, Boral will be able to sell the land for a high value and purchase a more appropriate site, in and industrial zone, closer to the action they wish to service.

  • Catholic Healthcare
  • Coppernest
  • Belle Property
  • Pica
  • Dural Tyrepower
  • Balmoral Homes
  • Just Better Care
  • Binet Homes