Are you passionate about making a difference for yourself and others?


Have you dreamt of a career creating positive impacts in the lives of many? Are you curious about why humans think and do the strange things we do?

Pathways Psychology Institute is a local, with campuses in Galston and Arcadia. A quiet achiever, offering small personalised counselling classes, taking students step by step through the journey of self discovery and professional development, since 2008. Training students to become effective, compassionate professional counsellors, changing lives using the skills they learn in their 2-year Professional Training in Process Psychotherapy.

This course will open doorways for you, showing you how to notice both the verbal and non-verbal signals of another person’s communication (e.g. body language, tone of voice, dreams). What makes PPI stand out from other courses is their deep respect for each individual’s experience, and the importance of training professionals able to work with many established counselling modalities (e.g. art therapy, role play, trauma therapy, mindfulness awareness) whilst assessing which method works best for the individual before you. Their courses starts you on a journey of self discovery; challenging you to expand your world view, as you begin to see so much more in everyday communications. You will develop the professional skills to work in an established agency or in independent practice.

Counselling is presently one of the most rapidly growing growth industries, with the demand for qualified skilled counselling psychotherapists rising. Try the 2-day taster seminar January 20/21 and follow your dreams!
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