Ray Whiteman Heritage Fence Fundraising, We Need Your Help

Ray Whiteman Heritage Fence Fundraising, We Need Your HelpThe Ray Whiteman Heritage Fence is an initiative of the Glenorie Progress Association, the Glenorie Memorial Hall Committee and Hornsby Shire Council.

The plans have been in the works for 2 years and now we need your help for the final fundraising. The NSW State Government has contributed $30,000 in two grants and The Whiteman family Trust has contributed $20,000. We also acknowledge the welcome contribution from the community-minded Galston Community Bank – Bendigo Bank to the fulfilment of this project.

Hornsby Shire Council’s (HSC) contribution includes development of the cohesive plan for this wonderful creation with paths and plantings linking the revamped cenotaph to the Glenorie Memorial Hall. HSC has also committed to sourcing and supplying the infill fencing between the carved piers of the heritage fence in this flowing design respecting the sacred area for our ANZAC and beautifying the landscape while creating an amazing space for the community and picnic stop for visitors.

The objective of the Ray Whiteman Heritage Fence is to develop a fence that celebrates the heritage of our Glenorie community with sculptured sandstone pillars. The fence will be built around the Wal Buckingham Park next to the Glenorie Memorial Hall. Each sandstone pillar will tell the story of the history of the area.


To inspire you to contribute to our dream, let us paint you a picture of this awesome tribute to Ray and beautiful carvings by Aussie Stonemasons to reflect the heritage of Glenorie District…

There will be two entrances of four piers each. The Northern entrance will have the dedication pier to Ray complemented by a First Nations pier to recognise our indigenous heritage. The other two entrance piers will show the flora (flannel flower) and fauna (swamp wallaby) of the Glenorie District.

The Southern Entrance Piers, with a path leading to and around the cenotaph, will bear the military emblems – Navy, Army, Air Force and Merchant Navy – to respect our servicemen who fought for our country in the many conflicts in which Australians have served.

  • The remaining five piers will reflect our District history:
  • Early settlement – Convicts building The Great North Road;
  • Early transport – Glenorie Bus Company snub- nosed school bus;
  • Citrus tree representing the orchards in our district early agriculture,
  • Sport – the Glenorie District Cricket Club, which has been going since 1893
  • Community Service – Scouts which Ray started in Glenorie, and community members looking after us in fires and floods.

Karl and Peter of Aussie Stonemasons are working on creating works of art that will draw visitors from far and wide to admire this piece of history.

As this fence will be paying tribute to Ray and the heritage of our area, it will benefit all of our community. Now we need YOU to help us complete this by Anzac Day 2024.

Return and Earn Download the app so when you recycle your bottles at Glenorie Woolworths you help the planet while supporting the fence. Select the Ray Whiteman Heritage Fence as your active payout to donate your Return and Earn refund.

Ray Whiteman Heritage Fence Fundraising, We Need Your HelpScan the QR code to make an instant donation to our GoFundMe page Direct credit donation to “The Ray Whiteman Heritage Fence Fund”: BSB 633 000 Account 172 608 085

Glenorie Woolworths fundraising day. Keep an eye out for our member’s fundraising in the next few months outside our local Woollies. Please help make this happen for our beautiful community!