Arcadia Galston Residents Association

Arcadia Galston Residents AssociationDuring the last meeting in May, AGRA members discussed several important topics related to Galston and the surrounding areas. The meeting was attended by Councillors Warren Waddell, Nathan Tilbury, and Monica Ball, who facilitated a Q&A session on enabling and health. Here are the key points that were discussed:
• Hornsby Council Rural Lands Study: The members discussed the progress and findings of the Rural Lands Study conducted by the Hornsby Council, funding for stage 1 and their future development or preservation plans.

• Galston Pool: The status and ongoing renovations for the pool facility and opening date.

• Arcadia Rd Upgrade near Galston Primary School: This upgrade may have aimed to improve the area’s road safety, traffic flow, or pedestrian infrastructure.

• Recent Spending in 2159: The members acknowledged that some funding had been allocated to the area recently but recognised that this investment had been long overdue and discussed the positive impacts it would have on the local residents and beyond.

• Future Planning for Galston: The members engaged in discussions about future planning for Galston, likely taking into account past planning experiences and lessons learned. They may have explored ways to address existing issues and improve the overall development and infrastructure of the area, including the lack of Public Toilets.

• Poorly Maintained Roundabouts: The state of the roundabouts in Galston was also brought up as a matter of concern. The members likely discussed the need for better maintenance to ensure these traffic features’ safety and aesthetic appeal.

• Council’s Economic & Tourism Development Study: The meeting touched upon the Council’s Economic & Tourism Development Study planning strategy. This study likely aimed to outline strategies and initiatives for promoting economic growth and tourism in the Galston area. Members may have shared their perspectives and ideas during the discussion.

Overall, the meeting provided a platform for AGRA members to discuss various aspects of Galston’s development, infrastructure, and future planning, with a focus on addressing existing challenges and identifying opportunities for improvement.

The next meeting is our AGM, on 29th of August at The Galston Club at 7pm.

Following the Annual General Meeting, we will have a general meeting to discuss the Galston Public Domain Masterplan.

Galston Village requires a shared vision and collective effort to address our community’s current and future needs. This requires collaboration from various stakeholders, including council representatives, commercial entities, and community leaders.

One of the key areas of focus will be the development of a vibrant and functional shopping village. We recognise that this is an essential aspect of community life and must be given careful consideration.

We encourage all members to actively participate in the discussion and share their ideas and perspectives.

Furthermore, I would like to invite those who have not yet attended our meetings to join us. As the consultation phase begins, it is an excellent opportunity for new faces to contribute their insights and join us in shaping the future of Galston Village.

Your presence and input are highly valued, and we look forward to seeing you at the meeting. Together, we can work towards creating a thriving and cohesive community.

Next Meeting – the 29th of August 2023, The Galston Club, 7pm – AGM and General meeting.