You Raized Me Up

Falls are common as people get older. We can implement a falls prevention strategy. But what if we did have a fall? There are several techniques that can be applied by a person who had a fall to get up on their own, provided there is no injury or no medical attention is required.

Your Occupational Therapist would provide a technique that is personally suitable to you. It is important to consult your GP to understand and attend to the root cause for a fall. Raized 

In many situations at home, in a retirement village or in an aged care facility, it would be challenging and most times unsafe, for a single person to assist. Raizer Lifter Chair comes handy in a situation, if no medical attention is required.

RAIZEDRaizer is a battery-operated mobile lifting chair that helps a fallen person up to almost standing position within a few minutes. Raizer can, with ease, be assembled and operated by only one person and does not require any physical effort, besides a supportive hand. It’s easy to transport in two light bags, assembles quickly and the safe working load is 150kgs.

This protects caregivers from serious injury. This sleek, innovative chair enables one person to safely raise a large adult to a sitting or standing position in just a few minutes. Safer for caregivers, one person can easily perform the lift with virtually no physical effort besides a supportive hand.

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