Quilting News

Spring isn’t quite with us yet, but something makes me feel that there is a ‘change’ in the air…?

Quilts are being re-discovered in sewing cupboards, some not quite finished, some having spent far too long in a safe place, waiting for that final binding or name and dedication to someone special.

Perhaps the sewing room is subject to a clean-out …. whatever it is … a change is taking place?

I hear about “going on that winter holiday” … not wanting to stay home any longer … packing up and taking a break to see different horizons?? Not everyone can do that but after getting inspiration from attending a local quilt show recently I feel inspired with new ideas for our group; a new approach on ‘the same horizon’!!

Our communities don’t change dramatically but we can look at what we have with a different approach and that in itself could be the refresh required.

This amazing and intricate quilt (see top left) was part of our group’s ‘show and tell recently.

Now having been completed this quilt may well open-up a conversational ‘new horizon’. It has such an interesting centre-piece, a Japanese Shogun!!

The ‘change’ taking place for us is that we will be back at our home venue. Our grateful thanks goes to the generous CWA ladies who kindly shared their Dural facilities with us during those difficult Covid months earlier this year.

We will be meeting at the Community Health Centre, The Glade, Galston. Meeting commences at 9.30am on 1st, the 3rd and the 5th Wednesday of each month.

For further information please contact Carole on 9894 7749