Dural Cubs Visit Planetarium

1st Toongabbie and Dural Cubs and Joey Scouts recently visited the Macquarie University Planetarium. This was to engage scouts in the understanding of Astronomy and cover the requirements for their Space badge as a Special Interest Area.

The Session was held in the courtyard of the University’s Science Building E7B in an inflatable planetarium with a 7 metre dome and a state-of-the-art planetarium projector system.

The Planetarium/Sky theatre Show simulated the night sky including a close – up look at the motions of celestial objects, the planets, stars, deep sky objects, constellations and much more. The show was a great tour of our local Solar System and peered into the depths of the galaxy. Cubs also learnt how to find South using the Southern Cross.

A big Thank you to Liam Agnew from the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy who did a fantastic presentation that was tailored to the interest of Cub and Joey age groups.

A Job Well Done. Everyone had a fantastic time. A big thank you also to all the parents and Leaders who helped out with transport and organisation on the night.

We now have a follow up project activity for the Cubs and Joeys to complete the 4 hours of work needed to earn this badge. They will be making a Solar System model using a hanger and some cutouts from a hand-out worksheet.

Dural Scout Group has vacancies for Girls and Boys from 6 to 25 years. Joeys (5yo), Cubs (8yo), Scouts (12yo), and Venturers (16yo).

Please contact Phirooza: 0411 731 976 or [email protected] or Simon: [email protected]

Dural Cubs