Pony Club Fire Drill

Arcadia Pony Club and Aussie Pumps have been planning a presentation on fire safety for club members and spectators since late last year.

The rains have slowed everything down but the company feels it’s now appropriate to start planning for a presentation in one of the Arcadia Pony Club meetings in August.

“We’ve decided to donate an Aussie Fire Captain, an upmarket high pressure fire pump, complete with heavy duty red steel frame for ease portability. The Aussie Fire Captain is part of Aussie’s Red Brigade build program, valued at $1,233 retail”, said Aussie Pumps Josie Robertson.

The folks at Aussie Pumps where Josie works are extremely conscious of the huge fuel build up in the Hills District.

“We’re worried about not just property, but our animals as well”, said Josie.

Josie, who as a couple of horses, currently in Copabella, has spread the word about fire safety and particularly Aussie’s free Bushfire Survival Guides to all and sundry.

“The guide is a great help to people wanting to prepare their properties for the coming fire season. The time to do that preparation is now, not closer to the fire season”, she said.

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