Physically Distance But Not Social Distance…with social media

A great statement from Shane Fitzsimmons, Resilience Commissioner NSW this week, but how can we achieve this? social media 

We have all spent many weeks in lockdown now, and conversation with friends is becoming repetitious. As we are not going out, and having interesting experiences, what do we talk about now?

Well, it’s time to have some fun. Here are some ideas for fun activities using Zoom, FaceTime or other similar social media platforms that you may be using:

Get a group together and play games. Ideal for all ages! Lip reading is fun! Mute yourself, speak a small phrase or sentence and then wait for the peals of laughter as others try to work out what you’ve said. Charades is fun too, trivia, even a session where everyone tells jokes.

How about a karaoke night? An ideal Saturday night activity – for a small or larger group. social media

There are on-line breakout games that you can play either by yourself or in a group. social media

Missing catching up with friends at your local coffee shop? Set your table, using your best cups and saucers, and enjoy virtual coffee and a chat. social media

How about a cooking challenge? A few families could re-create one of those wonderfully decorated birthday cakes from the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cookbook. Cook ‘together’ and share the challenges and disasters of cake decorating! A great activity to involve your children. Then a virtual race to clean the kitchen!!

Virtual dinner parties are fun too. Decide on recipes, cook along, and enjoy dinner ‘together.

In these difficult times, we all need to be creative and think of new ways to ensure we don’t socially distance ourselves.