Arcadian Quilters- call “the NEW NORMAL”

As these quiet days follow all the other quiet days I find myself accepting what I’m going to call “the NEW NORMAL”.

The New Normal could be; picking up your mask along with your car keys every time you go to the shop for supplies.

Another New Normal can be picking up your mask along with the dog lead, the child and your phone every time you go for outdoor exercise.

Another NEW NORMAL in one daughter’s situation is some ‘home schooling’ permitted outdoors while she works from home indoors.

Another NEW NORMAL for me is going back to watching/ listening to the news … in the evenings only! My way to stop dwelling on “how much worse is it out there today?”

I’m also trying the ‘click-and-collect where possible? A good way to buy some items that I would have usually browsed for; purchased at a check-out counter; even engaged in conversation perhaps!!

Early shopping for the household staples; in -out and home!!

Subtle I know but some possible NEW NORMALS? Alone – we cannot change anything much but we can share a POSITIVE APPROACH each time we talk with a friend.

Quilting is such a bonus to me during these quiet times; also for our group and eventually for the wider community with whom we share our achievements. Perhaps we could become ‘an essential service’…. I joke of course but we don’t forget just where our focus lies and our reasons for quilting. Where there is a need in the Community, a need for a ‘hug’ from a pal, a need for someone lonely to be comforted, or a cheery colourful quilt in the Children’s ward at Westmead, our labours of love fill these gaps.

Join me in listing your ‘NEW NORMALS’ … you too might be surprised about how much we have already accepted?

Keep in touch with us through Carole on 9894 7749. No planned meetings for our group just yet but ‘we’re waiting in the wings’ for those good days ahead !!

Stay well, stay connected…. It’s the new normal thing to do!